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At Synvance, we believe that the success of a rollout project is based on three key pillars: a tried-and-tested methodology, sound governance and good people management.

Integration, SYNVANCE

An integration project represents a major challenge for your company. So, how can you ensure that your project is successful?

Extensive preparation in terms of defining your needs and managing change is part of the solution, as well as establishing precise specifications and obtaining the buy-in of users.

Your priorities:

  • Choosing the right software and configuring it according to your needs
  • Communicating and having a good understanding of your challenges
  • Clearly defining your business needs in an exhaustive and optimised manner
  • Selecting an experienced team with established expertise
  • Adhering to the planned schedule and managing your budget
  • Drafting an optimal communication plan
  • Adopting a dynamic change management model

Reasons to choose Synvance for your project integration:

  • 500 successful integration projects completed
  • Qualified experts
  • A team of over 300 consultants with a good understanding of the professional and strategic challenges associated with your integration project
  • Pragmatic and results-oriented management
  • A methodology that takes your business culture into account
  • The capacity to familiarise your team with new versions of your tools

We combine consulting with functional and technical expertise

Synvance also adapts to your business maturity level and methodology. While the Agile approach is extremely popular at the moment, the traditional V-model is also a useful tool.

It is important to embody a “One Team” culture to keep everyone focused on the same objective, the success of your project! In our view, a friendly approach and effective communication are key factors of success!

What are the key factors of a successful integration project?

Integrate your business vision into the project

What is your business strategy? Which business lines and job roles do you need to invest in? What are your competitors doing?

Obtain internal support

The management team must provide justification for the project internally, arbitrate, communicate regularly with the teams and provide the resources needed for the project.


Understand the issues involved

Which functional domains require a cutting edge, scalable information system? What issues need to be resolved? What does the current system lack?


Highlight critical needs

Identify what is essential (as opposed to what is ancillary). Learn from the experiences of other businesses.

The stages of project integration

At Synvance, we believe that the success of a rollout project is based on three key pillars: a tried-and-tested methodology, sound governance and good people management. It is therefore essential to carefully follow each component stage of a project so that your future users are provided with the most suitable tool for their daily requirements.


Project governance

Project governance is carried out by two committees. A weekly project committee to track the progress of the project and a monthly steering committee to make decisions on structural issues.


Framing study

This comprehensive study is conducted to refine the project specifications.



We make detailed decisions on the best way to implement the future solution.



Configuration and development of the solution, in accordance with the content of the detailed design file.



This phase is extremely important. A well-implemented testing phase ensures a successful launch. After this phase, the customer’s project team is trained to use the solution.



The training phase can then begin for the final users. All users are trained to use the solution.



The rollout or entry into production can be carried out in stages (e.g. one site after another) or all at once (e.g. all sites simultaneously) in accordance with the customer’s business sector or activity.



Synvance is able to provide operational and technical support via its service centre.


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