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With Synvance, don’t imagine the future, create it!

Joining the Synvance family is about:

A fast-growing company with an entrepreneurial spirit and prestigious clients in a variety of sectors (Retail & Luxury, Banking & Insurance, Industry). The sky’s the limit!

A liberated business culture which is open to the projects of its employees in various regions, in France and internationally

A company that places people at the heart of its strategy by adopting new managerial practices (remote working, facilitation, co-creation, agility, etc.)

Cutting-edge skills relating to current issues within teams that are very willing to share their knowledge

A free and friendly working environment where good humour, creativity and collaboration are encouraged

A company with a mission that promotes diversity, personal development, the sharing of skills and a friendly atmosphere

In figures


300 Synvancers employed


10 nationalities

90/100 on the equality index



32 training courses available on the Synvance 360 Learning platform


job opportunities in Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and Casablanca in 2020

About Synvance

The Synvance Group is a Management and Technology Consulting firm ranked among the 100 largest IT consultancy companies in France with more than 300 employees.  Established in France and abroad, we have been supporting  the Financial and Operational Departments of major CAC 40 companies and medium-sized businesses for over 15 years, by helping them to improve their competitiveness and better prepare for the future.

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With Synvance, don’t imagine the future, create it!

Training et development

At Synvance, we strive to help our consultants develop both hard skills (competences and expertise) and soft skills (empathy, leadership, team spirit, etc.).
Our training courses are personalised, tailor-made and developed annually in collaboration with you according to your needs and aspirations. The world in which we live and the needs of our customers are rapidly evolving and it is up to each of us to move forward and take responsibility for our own development to construct our future self. Our managers and teams will be by your side to accompany you along this path (stewardship, empowerment).

Be the best version
of yourself

Collaborative Learning Synvance Academy

The Synvance Academy with its 360Learning platform offers real added value for “Synvancers”, and has also been created to provide you with support along your journey through 100% online training courses that are 100% accessible to all. Our aim is to help you improve your skills in the Synvance spirit.

The training courses are developed by highly-experienced Synvancers and are based on the concept of collaborative learning. You can contribute by leaving comments or creating your own content to share your knowledge or enhance existing training courses. We include ourselves in the category of a learning company: we are operating in a world where there is VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) and we must learn from everyone in order to understand our customers’ and consultants’ problems as fully as possible and to adapt quickly.


Synvance also integrates renowned external training programmes through which qualifications can be obtained (tools, agile methods, project management) and management skills can be acquired (team management, leadership, empathy, emotional management, communication, risk management).

Be the designer of your next job with us!

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