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The Synvance philosophy

Our aim

To guide and support you, as a team, in addressing the challenges of tomorrow

To become a true guide for your company by combining our extensive knowledge of your strategy and your organisation with the most innovative solutions

« By precisely defining and listening to our customers’ needs, we aim to provide them with a global solution, offering support throughout every phase of a project »

Our motto

Thanks to us, you can remain focused on your core business and thus innovate in your own areas of expertise

Synvance will develop synergies and accelerate transformations, while respecting your business culture and your organisational structure.

To achieve this

People represent the core of our business, development is not possible without the contribution and well-being of each of our employees

We set up training and certification programmes and organise individual coaching and knowledge transfer sessions in order to anticipate and support changes in our business and to meet our customers’ needs. We also organise internal events (parties, kick-off events, workshops, etc.), providing privileged opportunities for exchange and team building where we can share our values.

What are our plans for the future?

We aim to continue our development both through external growth and in physical terms, on a national and international scale.

In addition, we will continue to implement our CSR strategy, to become a more sustainable and responsible organisation for our employees, partners and customers. The objective is to raise awareness among our teams and rally their support around environmental and societal issues, thus giving a sense of meaning to our work, and to move the business forward together towards a better future.

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