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All companies are currently facing an unprecedented wave of technology that is profoundly changing their ways of working and understanding their respective markets and ecosystems. Traditional business models are being called into question due to new consumer expectations and economic trends.

Synvance will be there to provide you with solutions adapted to your business and your needs.

We operate in various sectors of activity and have a wealth of experience, based on our knowledge of the specific characteristics of each sector.

We will support you in making the right choices and transforming your business in a practical and independent way. We will help you to innovate in order to stay competitive and to meet and even exceed your objectives. We ensure that you use digital technology to develop new business models and improve your performance.


The challenges and specific characteristics of banking and insurance sector

Bank & Insurance, SYNVANCE
Meeting regulatory requirements

Regulations are changing at an unprecedented speed and market players are required to increase the level and quality of their capital, comply with new regulations (Basel III, Basel IV, FINREP 2020, IFRS 17/IFRS 9, Solvency II, etc.), change their approach to risk management, and strengthen internal control processes.                                                                               

Bank & Insurance, SYNVANCE
Increasing operational efficiency

The operational processes of businesses can be completely redesigned by introducing new approaches to work organisation (collaborative, agile, centralised/decentralised) and by using new technologies as an additional lever.                                   As there are multiple options involved depending on the process, these operational efficiency projects can pose a challenge for companies and their teams (transformation or innovation to prevent obsolescence) and require specific working approaches.                                             

Bank & Insurance, SYNVANCE
Accelerating the digital transformation

The emergence of a platform-dominated world presents considerable opportunities to create new business models for banks and insurance companies in partnership with ecosystems (Fintech, AssurTech, BioTech, RegTech).                                          There is now an openness to new and complementary services/networks via Open Banking and Open Insurance.

These new platforms integrate digital innovations (RPA and AI) and are paving the way for developing new services/products.                                      

Bank & Insurance, SYNVANCE
Increasing customer satisfaction

The customer experience has become an essential part of building loyalty among consumers of banking and insurance services.

A rethink of the very concept of services/products is required with regard to new uses.

Expectations are changing at an ever-faster rate with the rise of digital technology, and the increase in the mobility and plurality of offers.

The relaxing of regulations relating to the cancellation process and the new on-demand banking and insurance products has resulted in a more fluid customer base.

Topics such as Know Your Customer (KYC), DataScience and BigData are rapidly growing in importance in line with the more widespread adoption of the Cloud in businesses.

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Our clients' current issues

Bank & Insurance, SYNVANCE
Cadrage stratégique dans le secteur Services , Industrie et Engineering
Bank & Insurance, SYNVANCE
Roadmap digitale métiers Engineering
Bank & Insurance, SYNVANCE
Achats et supply chain
Bank & Insurance, SYNVANCE
Cadrage stratégique dans le secteur Services , Industrie et Engineering


Companies that trust us

Allianz Partners

Automotive Innovation Center

End-to-end support for the Connected Car project between Allianz Partners and its manufacturer partners to define, build and deploy new connected car assistance services/products.


Transformation Document management database

Supporting MACIF in defining its needs for the implementation of a new document management database


Digital Transformation Programme

Program management and project management for the digital transformation of the company in order to reposition CER France as a high value-added partner for business leaders, develop human resources and optimise profitability through the modernisation of tools and practices.


Organisation - Finance Transformation

Supporting SCOR's finance department in its global, international and cross-domain (business, finance, IT) transformation programme to manage multiple projects and ensure compliance with milestones, planning, budget and risks while guaranteeing overall functional and technical integration.


Newsletter & Intranet

Support for SCOR's financial department in the production and optimisation of communications (videos, texts, podcasts, etc.) aimed at informing all employees (over 700 people on an international scale) of the progress of the implementation of IFRS 17.


"Service Now" Deployment

Transformation of the group's finance function via the deployment and development of the Service Now tool within several departments (Consolidation, Solvency II, SAP Competency Center) in order to digitalise and automate its financial processes


Let's stay connected

We regularly connect our clients with each other during special events (breakfast, etc.) in order to benefit from each other’s feedback, to discuss issues and to share best practices.

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Bank & Insurance, SYNVANCE
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