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All companies are currently facing an unprecedented wave of technology that is profoundly changing their ways of working and understanding their respective markets and ecosystems. Traditional business models are being called into question due to new consumer expectations and economic trends.

Synvance will be there to provide you with solutions adapted to your business and your needs

We operate in various sectors of activity and have a wealth of experience, based on our knowledge of the specific characteristics of each sector.

We will support you in making the right choices and transforming your business in a practical and independent way. We will help you to innovate in order to stay competitive and to meet and even exceed your objectives. We ensure that you use digital technology to develop new business models and improve your performance.


The challenges and specific characteristics of the Retail & Luxury sector

Retail & Luxury, SYNVANCE

Traditional business models called into question

New consumer expectations are forcing retailers to overhaul existing models and distribution channels. New business formats are appearing, whether in the digital or physical world (cashless stores, open 24 hours a day, segmentation, etc.)

Over the past few years, new economic trends have begun to emerge that are less inhibited by constraints, such as the sharing economy, the circular economy, the personalised economy, the service economy and the replenishment economy, which are driving retailers to create a better customer experience.                                                            

Retail & Luxury, SYNVANCE
The omnichannel concept revolutionises the customer experience

From omnichannel to “unified” commerce requiring complete harmonisation between channels. This refers to a “seamless” journey through which the customer experience is standardised with an increased number of both physical and digital touch points.

An essential part of an omnichannel strategy is making changes to points of sale in the era of the connected store, in order to multiply the points of contact and attract the customer into the store by redesigning their experience.                         

Retail & Luxury, SYNVANCE
Logistical challenges in the e-commerce era

The development of e-commerce has been accompanied by a change in market standards driven by the pure players, forcing traditional retailers to transform their businesses and to make delivery a new lever for building customer loyalty.

The challenge of the last mile is based on a combination of three variables – territorial coverage of preparation sites, diversification of distribution channels with the emergence of express delivery, and the adoption of new tools.               

Retail & Luxury, SYNVANCE
Optimisation levers offered by new technologies

From big data to smart data in order to retain only useful data through artificial intelligence with a view to increasing the value (marketing, sales, operational and financial performance) and monetising this data.

Retailers are transforming their internal organisation in order to make use of these new tools and to create new growth drivers, improve the customer experience and optimise the processing of orders up to delivery.

Our offers

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Retail & Luxury, SYNVANCE
Le Pilotage de la marge produit, un levier majeur de rentabilité
Retail & Luxury, SYNVANCE
Piloter les stocks et les flux pour maitriser la disponibilité produit
Retail & Luxury, SYNVANCE
Gestion des promotions commerciales
Retail & Luxury, SYNVANCE
Mise en place des backstores pour la livraison express


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Redesign of customer order orchestration rules

Identification of business needs and modelling of business rules

Setting up a test organisation and methodology

Assistance in the definition of functional test cases, monitoring of the acceptance of the new processes at the start of production

Training of the teams and assistance to the commercial management in the parameterization of strategic products


Logistics project management

Management of inter-site transfers of logistics activities (framing, mobilisation of resources, execution of the transfer by anticipating the impact on the level of service)

Definition of a medium-term adaptation plan for logistics resources in line with the commercial plan and preparation of the business plan (investment, cost/piece evolution)

Management of process optimisation projects or deployment of new services (e.g. e-commerce invoicing, cross dock, etc.)



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