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Management Consulting

Today, the changes required by businesses must go beyond the adaptation of processes and technologies: the solutions are now complex and can present major opportunities. 
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The goal of our Synvance Teams is to accelerate business transformations, in a sustainable way which has a positive impact on the environement, the economy and society.



Our aim is to create organisations, products and services that are respectful of and in line with the expectations of current and future generations.

Management Consulting, SYNVANCE

Trained in agile methodologies, our consultants come from some of the largest consulting firms in the business.

An effective support service required a profound understanding of your business and its associated challenges. That is why we have capitalised on our business knowledge and developed expertise in three key sectors:  Retail & Luxury, Bank & Insurance, and Industry & Services.

Our consulting teams are recognised by our clients as having the unique ability to address their business, human and technological challenges, in line with their sector of activity, in order to reinvent the user experience. Our teams are adept at proposing ideas to promote your present and inspire your future.

Our missions

Synvance provides support in all the areas necessary to visualise and define a target, establish a roadmap and the related project portfolios, and then to assist you with project management.
We have the expertise to create tailor-made solutions that take into account all aspects of a project whether relating to the functional, organisational, process, technological, innovation or human dimensions.


Identifying your best strategic options

Establishing your business challenges

Defining and implementing the digitisation of professional pathways and uses

Implementing and expanding your strategy

Facilitating your choice of solutions

Aligning your organisation and overseeing the transformation


Organising and structuring projects, their budgets and schedules

Setting up governance and committees

Mobilising your teams and partners

Negotiating the QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) balance

Data Governance

Identifying the information needed to make decisions based on business needs

Ensuring the quality of data via different levers (governance, control and validation processes, IT chain)

Protecting and exploiting data

Preparing the dashboards and analyses required for decision-making

Implementing the distribution processes for dashboards and analyses according to schedules

Change Management

Anticipating change management support needs

Establishing an overall change management vision

Developing values and initiating change

Modelling your target processes

Constructing and implementing your training and communication plans

Understanding and collecting user feedback

Management & Organisation

Supporting and coaching your managers

Refocusing problematic projects

Managing a project portfolio

Implementing a continuous improvement process


Synvance, a recognised expertise in each sector


Companies that trust us

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