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Life at

Synvance, a revealer
of talent

Synvance will be by your side to:

  • Reveal your professional talents by giving you opportunities for development and missions related to cutting-edge issues (value-added projects, multidisciplinary teamwork, proximity management and inter-team, regional & international mobility)
  • Reveal your personal talents by committing to give you opportunities to construct your future self (training, intrapreneurship, fun events, communities)

Give meaning to each individual career path

Just like with our customers, we aim to support you in creating your professional “roadmap”. We will be at your side so that you can dream big in terms of your career, learn gradually, adapt and grow while working towards your goals.

Synvance is a rapidly-growing group that is adept at seizing upon opportunities, thus paving the way for great adventures for the group as a whole, as well as for every individual  

Your integration into the Synvance group

Your integration into the Synvance group is an important step on both a personal and professional level. 

Synvance has major ambitions for the coming years and achieving these objectives relies on the commitment and participation of each individual. That’s why becoming a part of the group is not only an important step in your professional career, it will also mark the beginning of a great personal adventure.


Passion, solidarity, audacity and innovation are the watchwords of our company.

At Synvance, we believe that the unique nature of each individual is what makes a team strong


Upon signature of the contract


Your First Day

We send you a welcome email with the Welcome Booklet. It gives you an overview of Synvance. 

Welcome coffee with the teams present at the headquarters, and presentation of the organisation by Synvance management.  An HR integration point is held on the first or second day. 


Your Manager

From the first day, your Manager is there to guide you in discovering the job (presentation of your team, your work environment, your project). 



To reinforce your integration, we have developed with 360 Learning online training courses offering interactive sessions to master the key tools and processes necessary for your life at Synvance.


Discovery Report

45 jours after your arrival, we kindly request your feedback regarding your experience with Synvance, your onboarding process, your integration, the atmosphere, and the work environment.


End of Trial Period Assessment

One month before the end of your probationary period, we propose a meeting to assess your progress together.

Working environment

Synvance wants all Synvancers to develop their skills in a stimulating work environment, a place for discussion where you can help each other, as well as in a calm and soothing environment where it’s easy to concentrate. As a result, careful thought has been put into designing our work spaces and communal areas.

Synvance is a flexible company which takes care to meet individual needs in order to establish a healthy work-life balance. Well-being at work is key to ensuring a company’s success!  So at Synvance, we promote ways of working based on trust, autonomy and the empowerment of all Synvancers, whether working in the office or remotely.

Our values

Life at Synvance, SYNVANCE

Exacting standards

Each Synvancer must have exacting standards: demanding customer satisfaction, demanding results, demanding progress, demanding personal achievement, demanding adherence with good practices and our values.

Life at Synvance, SYNVANCE


Empathy is a key factor of success at Synvance. It’s a question of common sense and an integral part of our company’s DNA, to behave in accordance with our commercial promise and internal culture: listening to and putting your faith in others, developing self-esteem, aligning your values with that of your profession project, improving customer relations, etc. These are the benefits that come along with being empathetic!


Life at Synvance, SYNVANCE


“Creativity is intelligence having fun”, Albert Einstein
This key value is the secret of our company’s success and the entire organisation must be structured to promote collective creativity at the highest level. This is how we find the inspiration to create new products and services.

Life at Synvance, SYNVANCE


Commitment is key to ensuring the success of the company. At Synvance, this commitment is underpinned by our values of respect for others and the environment, as well as our personal and collective ethics.

Life at Synvance, SYNVANCE


Building customer or employee loyalty means developing a relationship based on effective communication and lasting trust. The creation of a relational culture within a company is essential to the success of a policy based on loyalty which is guaranteed to provide major benefits.

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