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  • Our mission
  • Leveraging their in-depth expertise and mastery of emerging technologies, Synvance consultants enable organizations to harness digital transformation and realize their full potential. 

  • By emphasizing innovation and judicious use of technology, Synvance is committed to achieving tangible, innovative, and sustainable results while upholding environmental, social, and governance values.

Our Team

About Synvance, SYNVANCE
Pascal-Pierre Coulon

Head of Synvance

About Synvance, SYNVANCE
Damien Chapelet

VP - Retail & Operation Advisory

About Synvance, SYNVANCE
Pascale Ascione

VP - Financial Services & Insurance Advisory

About Synvance, SYNVANCE
Marc Henry

VP - Finance Transformation

About Synvance, SYNVANCE
Frédéric Petit

VP - Business Development

About Synvance, SYNVANCE
Luc Chantepy

VP - Process & IT Strategy

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