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  • Benefit from the advice of qualified experts without delay
  • Be responsive to any changes affecting your activities and projects
  • Refocus your teams’ efforts on value-added projects
  • Maintain your Information System in operational condition
  • Optimise your costs and increase your flexibility
  • Adapt your solutions as part of a continuous improvement process
To ensure that digital transformation creates opportunities for development and innovation, it must be based on sound and reliable technological solutions. These solutions must be scalable and adaptable in order to support organisational, regulatory and market changes on a continuous basis.

Localised expertise without delay

Our experts are skilled in all of the technological and functional fields of the Synvance group. Our field of expertise covers SAP solutions as well as Microsoft, Salesforce and all the software programmes developed by our technological partners: Certent, Workiva, OneStream, Board, K-Shuttle, Nakisa and UiPath.

In addition, our experts share their experience, expertise and training knowledge on a daily basis.

Our added value

Support & Expertise, SYNVANCE

You will receive advice from experienced experts, who will provide a rapid response and who are adept at working on a variety of technological solutions.

Support & Expertise, SYNVANCE

You will benefit from agile and flexible project schedules. Synvance has been responding to fluctuations in activity for many years and we are committed to providing a responsive service to meet your needs and requirements.

Support & Expertise, SYNVANCE

We provide you with “rare” expertise, widely sought-after on the market. We apply our broad range of business skills to support our customers across the entire value chain. Our commitment and our ability to adapt and integrate our employees into your ranks will save you time when implementing your technical and functional projects, so that you can focus on strategic projects.

Support & Expertise, SYNVANCE

Our experts offer support at each stage of your project (from framing to integration and TPAM)

For your remote projects, get support from our Syn’ple Service Centre

With complete peace of mind, entrust Syn’ple with your remote projects for:

  • Steering, monitoring and evaluation of your maintenance and administration operations
  • A multidisciplinary team which can intervene remotely to maintain your applications in operational condition, to upgrade them and create new ones: we design applications in collaboration with you in order to meet your new business challenges
  • Bespoke Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to provide a responsive service adapted to each specific situation, deadline/load commitments, underpinned by a formal contract
  • A single contact person, dedicated to your company. Our project manager will be your first point of call for a rapid and customised response
  • Industrialised processes defined in a standardised way across the Group (project review process, industrialisation of our environments, etc.)
  • A flexible service to deal with load variations (from user to project support)
  • Optimisation of documentary processes and updating of your knowledge

100% French Service Centre

Two sites


2009 : creation of the Nantes Service Centre (PCOE Certified)


2017 : creation of Clermont-Ferrand Centre


+10 000

requests processed per year


clients already supported


dedicated consultants

Expertise and 360° support

Management of all the latest technological solutions

Support & Expertise, SYNVANCE


Companies that trust us


SAP S/4HANA discovery support

Support in the discovery of the solution and help in the choices following the will of Sercel to modernise its IS and to take advantage of the innovations offered by SAP in its S/4HANA solution. Helping to better understand the mechanisms of the ERP, integration of the contributions of S/4HANA in the new core model of the group


SAP S/4HANA support

Design and implementation of the future Core Model of the group based on the SAP S/4HANA solution in order to standardize the processes of the different factories throughout the world and to industrialize the deployment and integration procedures of new sites.

High-quality luggage manufacturer

Scoping mission before implementation of S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA "Supply Chain" implementation project including assistance in the choice of the integrator, formalization of the organization and change management plan for the SAP S/4HANA implementation project.



SAP S/4HANA support

Within the framework of its merger (Brake/Davigel), Sysco started its transformation towards S/4HANA. Sysco wished to be accompanied by Synvance in order to continue to take charge of maintenance but also to accompany it in its program management and in the design and implementation of projects on S/4HANA.


Deployment and alignment of the S/4HANA core model

Support in the modernisation and harmonisation of processes between all group entities via SAP S/4HANA.

Complex deployment context (US headquarters, Canadian project teams, focus on French sites) requiring a change in the organisation and the information system.


Feasibility analysis of ECC6 Finance core model migration to SAP S/4Hana

SAFRAN wanted to conduct an opportunity study for the migration of SAP ECC solutions to S/4HANA.

Support in the study of the Finance Core Model and the analysis of the business processes and identification of the functional adjustments to be made under S/4HANA


Support, maintenance corrective, release, plan de progrès​

Le CSTB a choisi Synvance pour l’accompagner dans le Maintien en Conditions Opérationnelles de sa solution SAP, la réalisation de projets d’évolutions tant techniques que fonctionnels pendant 4 ans et l’aider à diminuer sa dette informatique, refondre et optimiser ses processus et développer de nouveaux services.​

Holding d’un des leaders français du Luxe

Accompagnement préparation migration SAP S/4HANA

Les équipes de la Holding décidé de moderniser progressivement le SI Finance.​ Plusieurs projets stratégiques ont été identifiés et qui ne peuvent attendre la mise en place de S/4HANA.​

La décision a été prise de migrer vers S/4Hana en Greenfield après étude des différents scénarios possibles.​

MicroPort CRM

Support, corrective maintenance, evolutionary maintenance, projects, progress plan

After being acquired by the Microport Group, the Cardiac Rythm Management (CRM) branch, which specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of cardiac equipment, chose Synvance to provide them with all the necessary support for the maintenance in operational condition of their SAP system and to accompany them throughout their deployment projects.

Mr. Bricolage

Support, maintenance corrective, maintenance évolutive, projets, plan de progrès​

Mr. Bricolage a mis en place la solution SAP en 1999 et a fait évoluer la solution tout au long des années.

Ils ont fait le constat d’un accompagnement et d’un support ayant atteint ses limites. Synvance a apporté une réponse à Mr. Bricolage au travers de son centre de service SYN’PLE avec une équipe expérimentée et une efficacité reconnue, dans l’accompagnement des équipes du Client sur sa solution SAP ECC6.


Application Management, Support, Projects

Our service centre advises and supports Brake's key users and IT area managers in the maintenance and development of the SAP system.

The design and implementation of major projects are also handled by our Service Centre, such as the integration between SAP ECC and SAP S/4 Hana.

Diana Food - Symrise

Diana Food is part of the Symrise Nutrition branch. It is piloting the project to deploy the S/4HANA solution within the branch.

In this context, Diana Food was looking for a partner to maintain its historical SAP ECC6 solution, with local support and expertise.


Application Management SAP BI, support and projects

OCCEA is the Production Cost (MWh) Calculation and Analysis Tool for the various MPI business lines (Nuclear, Hydro, Flame Thermal, Renewable Energy, Non-Production). It responds to strategic and regulatory issues.

Synvance ensured the implementation of the Maintenance in Operational Conditions of the OCCEA solution and the transition from project mode to TMA.

Groupe Michelin

User experience (UX/UI)

Connected mobility is in full swing and it is by creating a dedicated entity: the BVCM, that the Michelin Group wishes to assert itself in this field. In this way, the Michelin Group confirms its desire to put its users and customers at the centre of its concerns.

Synvance was able to accompany the Michelin Group in the various development phases of its digital solutions.

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Support & Expertise, SYNVANCE
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Support & Expertise, SYNVANCE

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Support & Expertise, SYNVANCE

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