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Our CSR commitments

To fully integrate “CSR by design” into our practices in order to be a responsible and sustainable company with respect to our teams, our ecosystem and society as a whole.

We are creating the conditions for everyone – employees, customers and partners – to make sustainable changes with a positive and lasting impact.

Synvance is committed to a CSR approach by examining its contribution to society through each of the three dimensions of CSR:


Synvance is aiming to make a real transition in terms of its carbon footprint and eco-friendly behaviour.
Synvance is committed to:
  • Decarbonising our activities by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (limiting business travel, setting up offices in the regions closest to our customers, developing remote working practices)
  • Improving our waste management by recycling and reducing consumables (with Les Joyeux Recycleurs for waste recycling and Save the Market for the recycling of IT products)
  • Saving energy and water


Synvance aims to establish itself as a responsible employer by placing the individual at the heart of our group and by encouraging our employees’ commitment to social engagement.
Synvance is committed to:
  • Building a company with a mission where governance includes a broad and participative shareholder base (releasing capital to management, involving employees in the company’s strategic decisions, transparency in the company’s management and results)
  • Promoting skills and knowledge transmission by establishing a horizontal structure and open, multidisciplinary and intergenerational talent communities
  • Training all our employees in “CSR by Design” (environmental, social, responsible performance and ethical issues, etc.) to integrate and disseminate responsible practices in our projects and daily activities
  • Helping our employees to develop by giving them meaningful tasks, career paths and appropriate training, and supporting their initiatives within Synvance and Society (intrapreneurship, social engagement, “job-crafting”, and crowdsourcing via TeamStarter to create and support our employees’ projects)
  • Constructing an inclusive, equitable and non-discriminatory organisation (fighting against discrimination and gender inequality, developing employment opportunities for people with disabilities, and combatting all forms of discrimination in recruitment, remuneration and career development)
  • Ensuring that our employees have a good quality of life (work/life balance, well-being, listening and caring, health care, parenthood, friendly working environment, etc.)

Economic and Societal

Through its employees, Synvance disseminates good CSR practices across its ecosystem by acting as a responsible partner towards its customers and suppliers.
Synvance is committed to:
  • Promoting local recruitment in proximity to our customers and our offices in France and abroad
  • Supporting local sponsorship projects that promote the preservation of environmental and cultural heritage
  • Disseminating good CSR practices to our partners (customers, suppliers) via all our projects (limiting the carbon/environmental footprint, developing responsible and sustainable strategies for our clients)
  • Accelerating the positive impact of our customers on society through dedicated teams of CSR consultants
  • Communicating with our suppliers and applying a purchasing charter and an ethics charter
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