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The Future of Data Management

The Future of Data Management


The Future trends of Data Management

What are the data management trends that will advance or emerge in 2023❓
Here are our top three predictions:

✔ Cloud analytics will play a key role as unstructured data management evolves. This pattern reflects how data management continues to advance from reducing storage costs to assisting organizations in unlocking new value from their enterprise data assets.

✔ As skill gaps persist, easy-to-use cloud data management tools will be in demand, allowing IT generalists to automatically run assessments on their data, network, and infrastructure footprints. 

✔ More intelligent data migrations will be necessary for cloud NAS (network attached storage) because organizations are looking to migrate data in a way that leverages the diversity of cloud storage classes to cut costs significantly.

Do you see those point as cutting-edge or already state of the art? What are your predictions for 2023? 
Tell us in the comments.

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