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Why good data governance must go hand in hand with digital transformation.

🎯 Good data governance is essential for any organization undergoing digital transformating.

When your data governance is flawed, you might experience the following:

👉 Data quality issues, data silos, and an inability to integrate data from various sources.
👉 Poor decision-making, making it difficult to gain insights and derive value from the data.
👉 Higher security breaches, data loss, and non-compliance with regulations.
👉 Legal and regulatory compliance issues, resulting in hefty fines and legal action.

Companies undergoing digital transformation can benefit from a robust data governance in the following ways:

✔ Equip their employees with data that allows them to make meaningful and informed decisions!

✔ They can effectively train AI models with veracity and confidence to provide the right outcomes.

✔ Armed with contextual insights, they can craft powerful workflows that make accurate predictions!

A lack of a robust data governance program can impede progress in digital transformation initiatives.fuel finance-led reporting:

The implementation of data governance will be key to achieving success in the digital world!

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