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How leaders can navigate the people side of digital transformation.

How leaders can navigate the people side of digital transformation.

Research shows only 20% of large corporations succeed in delivering the promised value and business benefits of their digital change initiatives.

The attention leaders pay to the people working to put the transformation plans into action on the ground is one aspect that has a massive impact on the success of digital transformation.

So, here are four tips that can help leaders manage the people side of their digital strategy:

👉 Be clear and transparent on their purpose when assessing which initiatives are worth the investment and which aren’t working out. 

👉 Create visual representations of the rewards of your digital transformation for people to see and use strategies such as proof of concept or sprint-based improvement.

👉 Create an ongoing story about digital transformation that encompasses why the organization needs to accomplish it, what digital transformation means for each element of the business, and the specific contributions required from employees.

👉 Gradually ease employees into the change. That could sometimes mean sacrificing the most efficient technology for what your workforce is willing to adopt. 

If you want to get the most out of your digital strategy, get your employees on board. 
Mindset on all levels must be understood as an essential key for transformation.

Synvance, as a management and technology consulting company, can help you with your critical transformation activities, from identification to business-as-usual.

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