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[ Translate4Rail Project ] Synvance implements a language tool

Translate4Rail is a linguistic tool developed by Synvance that allows drivers and rail traffic controllers to communicate with each other seamlessly without language barriers.

The different languages used in international rail transport represent a major communication barrier, sometimes preventing the smooth running of services.

The language (linguistic) tool prototype developed by Synvance under the Translate4Rail project, financed by Shift2Rail and managed by UIC (International Union of Railways) and RNE (RailNetEurope) aims to contribute to the elimination of this language barrier and to meet an essential need, which is to make communication more fluid with the help of a robust and efficient solution. Indeed, it allows train drivers and traffic controllers to transmit a complete set of ready-to-use predefined messages (PDM) that cover their communication needs in all cross-border operational situations (normal, degraded and emergency situations). Drivers and controllers can understand each other while speaking their own language.
The results of the first tests are very promising. Indeed, the prototype of this linguistic tool has been tested in the laboratory and then in the field under operational and real conditions.

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