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How does supply chain resilience work?

How does supply chain resilience work?

Do you really see all aspects of your supply chain? 

These questions should be considered!

Synchronizing supply chain planning in real-time allows you to build a resilient supply chain capable of continuity during disruptions.

But that’s just one aspect. 

A resilient supply chain must satisfy these other three criteria:

✔ Understand and leverage data using intelligent automation across the network. Intelligent systems can analyze and interpret huge datasets quickly, providing timely guidance on forecasting supply and demand and giving supply chain managers real-time insights.

✔ Diversify suppliers and manufacturing partners even in the most distant regions. This means building a stable network of manufacturing partners and suppliers you can rely on to have a better chance of surviving any local, regional, or global challenges.

✔ Enforce capacity and inventory securities like on-demand manufacturing, virtual inventories, and predictive demand forecasting to remain resilient. For example, when introducing new products or developing new growth markets, top corporations can carefully utilize contract manufacturers for their surge needs.

A supply chain must be able to forecast and anticipate disruptions, and in many circumstances, prevent them entirely, to be effectively resilient.

Synvance, as a management and technology consulting company, can help you with your critical transformation activities, from identification to business-as-usual.

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