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The impact of digital twins on sustainability

The impact of digital twins on sustainability

There are two key ways that digital twins increase sustainability. 

At present, digital twins are widely used to capture, organize, and display data to create a realistic representation of the physical world.

  • First, we can use this to understand and quantify what’s happening and combine multiple data sources to analyze the impact of past decisions. 
  • Second, the digital model can also serve as a predictive guide to the future. 

👉 As a result, it makes it possible to predict what will likely happen in the future, compare possible scenarios, and predict the outcome of different decisions before they occur. 

There is a wide range of potential benefits to these capabilities. 

Specifically, we can simplify the implementation of predictive maintenance in shipbuilding. 

It is possible to work through additional requirements early after commissioning. That reduces susceptibility to repairs and eliminates the need to keep extra boat resources in place during these docking times. In turn, the increased efficiency leads to more sustainable operations.

The Digital Twin also enables/helps with new business models in this industry, for example, pay per use for air conditioning (pay per cubic meter of air).

Creating sustainability through digital twins requires a lot of alignment between digital twin operators and external stakeholders. Contact our team at Synvance to find out whether your organization is ready for digital twins.

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