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[Press Release] Synvance and kShuttle Formalize Partnership

Synvance has partnered with the French editor kShuttle, a specialist in the digitalization of financial and extra-financial
and extra-financial management processes.

By joining forces, Synvance and kShuttle intend to meet a dual customer need:

  • More tailored support for finance departments in complying with IFRS standards, particularly IFRS 16. In the face of a changing regulatory environment and challenges that go beyond compliance, Synvance and kShuttle intend to respond through a partnership that combines business experience and technological expertise.
  • The aim is to manage and promote extra-financial performance (respect for the environment, social and community values) and its impact on the company’s results. This cross-functional and comprehensive support enables organizations to better integrate sustainable action plans into their management and decision-making processes, both in the Finance, Risk and CSR departments.

A partnership sealed by a first project to implement IFRS 16 for Eviosys (formerly Crown), the European leader in steel and aluminum food packaging, the result of many months of joint work. Synvance and kShuttle worked hand in hand throughout the decision-making process.

The client benefited from the support of experts in IFRS 16 by Synvance and the Lease Insight solution by kShuttle.

“This first success opens the door to the creation of common and differentiating offers with our partner kShuttle” Adrien Saulnier, Directeur Général de Synvance
“This merger will allow us to accelerate the digitization of business processes for management processes. Synvance’s business know-how coupled with the functional coverage offered by the kShuttle platform will allow us to better understand our customers’ challenges. of our customers. Moreover, Synvance’s strength in intervention will increase our capacity to support our customers” Ména Dogan, Founder of kShuttle
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