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[Press Release] Synvance acquires Syslap

Synvance completes its merger discussions with Syslap by acquiring the consulting and integration arm of VIAREPORT, which was acquired by InsightSoftware in August 2020.

Syslap subsidiary of the Synvance Group

Syslap will become a subsidiary of the Synvance Group while maintaining its legal autonomy and its contractual commitments to its customers. This entity will support the IT consulting and hosting activities in the financial consolidation sector.

Expansion of Synvance offers

Through this acquisition, Synvance expands its service offerings to provide its customers with new areas of expertise by proposing modular offers integrating innovation and business expertise for General and Financial Departments and technical skills for Information Systems Departments, all sectors of activity combined (industry, banking and insurance).

Indeed, Syslap allows to enrich the existing SAP EPM* expertise and that of the Syn’ple Service Center based in Nantes. Synvance becomes the first consulting firm in France able to propose an integrated SAP offer covering both the financial consolidation tools and the SAP Analytics and ERP range.

*SAP EPM performance management solutions include Group consolidation and reporting processes and forecasting processes (budget, forecast, plan, simulations)

“We are happy to welcome the Syslap teams with whom we share many values. With respect to our respective customers, this merger is a guarantee of continuity. We will be perfectly equipped to face the new technological, organizational and normative challenges that will emerge in the months and years to come.” Pascal-Pierre Coulon, President of the Synvance Group

Following these operations, the Synvance group will have more than 300 experts, 85 of whom will be dedicated to financial consolidation and EPM support, with projected revenues of €46 million for 2021.



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