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How excel and Finance-Led Reporting Can Transform Financial Processes

🎯 How Excel and Fiancial-Led Reporting Can Transform Financial Processes

Putting numbers together monthly using a series of disjointed Excel spreadsheets creates risk, raises crucial security questions, and exposes you to severe reputational damage.

That is not to say abandon Excell altogether. No.

It’s about figuring out how finance can continue to use Excel while also connecting it to the many sources of data they require.

👉 Finance-led reporting is the answer.

Below are some key points on how Excel add-ins use date connections to fuel finance-led reporting:

📌 Excel integration: Excel add-ins connect Excel to a wide range of data sources, including databases, cubes, and data warehouses, among others.

With this, finance teams can pull data from multiple sources into a single Excel workbook, allowing for more accurate and comprehensive reporting.

📌 Controlled reporting: Users can create and modify reports, charts, and dashboards in Excel with full version control and governance.

They can then publish these reports to a secure web portal, enabling other users to access them in an interactive and governed environment, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring data integrity.

📌 Self-service reporting: Finance teams can create and manage their reports and dashboards without relying on IT, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Some Excel add-ins have also intuitive interfaces allowing users to create reports and charts easily, reducing the learning curve.

📌 Automated reporting: Excel add-ins supports automated reporting, enabling users to schedule reports to run at specified intervals and send them to recipients via email or other channels.

This feature saves time and ensures that users have access to the latest data.

Are you stuck with using legacy reporting capabilities?

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