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How can you improve your supply chain segmentation strategy?

Five tips to help you get started.


How can you improve your supply chain strategy?


These tips can help you get started:

👉 Identify existing segments such as the type of product or service, the geographic location, and the types of customers.


👉 Analyze the characteristics of each segment, such as market size, customer needs, and cost structure.


👉 Develop and implement customized strategies to meet the needs of each segment.


👉 Tracking performance metrics such as sales, customer satisfaction, and cost savings.


👉 Make necessary changes to ensure your strategy meets the organization’s goals.


Remember, the goal is to divide the supply chain strategy into distinct, manageable segments that meet customers’ needs.

Implementing a successful Suplly Chain segmentation strategy requires careful planning and execution.

Are you having difficulties with segmenting your supply chain?

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