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Do you know the guiding principles for data integration which are also used by SAP?

Do you know the guiding principles for data integration which are also used by SAP?

Companies need a new strategy given the growing complexity of IT environments and data integration methods.

According to SAP – strategic technology partner of Synvance –  to support data integration, adhere to the following guiding principles:  

👉 Implement a data fabric approach to combine features such as a data catalog, knowledge graph, active metadata, dynamic integration, and data orchestration.  

👉 Have a comprehensive integration for managing the data deluge and integrating every kind of data, process, and application using well-appproved method.

👉 Include open orchestration to orchestrate SAP or third-party data and processes and offers support for third-party data processing.   

👉 Democratized data. It Offers data access to everyone, from business users and IT professionals to data scientists, with self-service and automated capabilities.  

👉 Employ intelligent, trusted data that uses machine learning to crawl, discover, understand, and integrate data and metadata and drive innovation.

👉Use location-agnostic data. Deploys and runs on any mix of on-premise, private cloud, hyper-scale, multi-cloud, hybrid, and embedded resources.

The data integration services and solutions provided by Synvance are strongly aligned with SAP system requirements.

They offer a novel, highly unified, complementary, and location-indifferent strategy that streamlines the management of the data landscape.

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