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Digital Twins in 2023 and Beyond

Digital Twins in 2023 and Beyond 

A short review on digital twin reports in Q4/2022 helps us to understand our baseline:

👉 Over 80 percent have ongoing digital twin programs.
👉 The rest are planning to implement one as soon as possible.
👉 About 55 percent view it as a strategic element of digitization.

Massive changes will continue to emerge as digital twins expand.

Here are three predictions for 2023 and beyond:

✅ Visual communications will become increasingly vital as digital twins and their physical counterparts become more sophisticated.

✅ New partnerships among well-established solution providers as Ansys Inc., a mechanical engineering and simulation company, teamed up with Microsoft Azure using Azure’s IoT Hub.

✅ More sophisticated digital twins with built-in AI solutions that use existing and evolving asset and environment data to help keep its parameters current, putting an end to physical prototyping e.g. for testing autonomous/self-driving vehicles.

If your company did not begin using digital twins by 2022, your competitors almost certainly did. 

If you’ve already begun, press the accelerator by requesting more funding and informing prospective users of the significant advantages of digital twins.

Synvance as a management and technology consulting company is advising companies regarding their key transformation activities from identification to business-as-usual.

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