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5 essential practices are required to ensure that data governance generates value.

5 Pitfalls to Avoid During Your Supply Chain Planning Process

👉 Engage with the management to understand their needs, highlight the current data challenges and limitations, and explain the role of data governance.


👉 Connect governance efforts to ongoing transformation initiatives like digitization, omnichannel enablement, or enterprise resource planning modernization.

👉 Look at data assets by domain and by data within each domain. That way, you can prioritize data assets.

👉 Adopt the level of governance sophistication appropriate to your organization and adjust as you go.

👉 Motivate employees to use data and encourage producers to share it.

These principles are critical because merely having a solid organizational structure won’t do.

While many businesses struggle to get data governance right, every business can succeed by strategically embedding it into their day-to-day.


As a management and technology consulting firm, Synvance offers guidance to businesses on critical transformational activities like data management, from identification through business as usual.

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