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2 common mistakes companies make in process automation

2 common mistakes companies make in process automation

Did you know that even with the best intentions, companies can still make mistakes with process automation?

Here are two common mistakes companies make when it comes to process automation:

👉 They try to automate entire workflows at once. That’s a wrong move. Automation is easier to execute when approached as a series of discrete tasks that evolve as you proceed. 

👉 Assuming their business processes are immutable. Processes evolve. 

A company that wants to implement an automated system for tracking and managing customer orders should be willing to adjust its existing manual process for inputting and tracking orders to avoid data accuracy and efficiency problems. 

Have you experienced any of these mistakes in your own business? 

Our methodology can help you evaluate your automation use cases fast and comprehensively, starting with our automation readiness assessment for process optimization and better (automation) results.

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